Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat along with Humanity first and Majlis Khuddmaul Ahmadiyya in forefront to help Flood Victims in Germany.

By Zubair Khalil Khan

Ahmadiyya Volunteers removing flood dirt

During last days, German states of Rhineland Palatinate and North Rhine Westphalia were worst affected due to relentless rains and storms which caused rivers and reservoirs to burst their banks flooding homes and bringing down the buildings. These floods are considered to be the worst floods of the country in living memory. German Army deployed above 1000 soldiers who are helping the victims. As per latest reports more than 200 have died while more than thousand are still missing.The moment news of the Flood disaster reached AMJ and Humanity First Headquarter in Germany, Chairman of HF Mr. Athar Zubair immediately called Disaster Relief Meeting on Friday, 16.07.2021. Formulated groups were sent to make assessments and to render help to victims in affected areas. Mr Stefan Haerter, Mr Usama Ahmad both directors of HF Germany along with the team of auxiliary Organization of AMJ, Khuddamul Ahmadiyya visited the city of Hagen, Wuppertal and Schuld. On the spot physical help was rendered in removing the dirt and stuck slumps in the basements and houses. Care center established for the victims in the city of Nuerburgring was immediately provided with a cooked food facility for the victims.Visits to more cities for assessments and to render help to victims were enhanced in coming days. According to the assessment of the AMJ/HF and MKA Teams, main support is needed to remove the slumps and damaged material from the building’s basements and ground floors. For this every thing has to be done manually. Therefore AMJ/HF along with MKA Germany reached to all the Jamaats of affected regions and involved the healthy male members to come forward and assist the victims in getting the houses basements and ground floor cleaning. In order to provide cooked food to victims, an appeal for donation was circulated. For the victims of the area a digital and printed version of small card prepared and distributed among the residents. This card has whats app and mobile number on which any victims can contact for help.
According to the Press Release of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Germany following actions are going on in full swing.

Ahmadiyya/HF volunteers along with others helping flood victims

Majlis Khuddmaul Ahmadiyya Germany mobilized hundreds of its members nationwide to help people in need.Volunteer services include:
– Meals for up to 2000 people on regular basis (preparation, delivery and distribution).
– transportation service
– In-kind donations, provisions and hygiene items for those in need
– Search for missing persons
– Pastoral care (by imams trained in Germany)
– Clean-up and salvage work

All these services are being carried out on a voluntary basis and AMJ/HF and MKA cover the costs themselves. In Neuwied, Hagen and Iserlohn alone were able to provide food for hundreds of people. In the Nuerburgring, teams are on the road and cook around the clock for about 150 people a day. In addition, camps were set up to help those in need as quickly as possible. The volunteer service of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Youth is increasing significantly in the coming weeks, as the roads allow it, and it is expected that about a thousand young people will be deployed.

Digital and printed card for flood victims if any help is needed.

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  1. It was really inspiring to note how deeply Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat members are extending help to flood victims. Keep it up.

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