Baitul Kareem Mosque to host ‘community gratitude event’ on Thursday

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community welcomes all after outpouring of support following break-inabout an hour ago By: Luke Schulz

IMG_0699The Baitul Kareem Mosque on Elliott Street was vandalized after someone broke in on the afternoon of July 14. Waterloo Regional Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.Doug Coxson/

After last week’s break and enter and vandalism of Baitul Kareem Mosque in Cambridge, members of the local Ahmadiyya community have been “overwhelmed” with support from local residents and those across the country. Looking to show their appreciation to those who stood “shoulder to shoulder” through a time of hardship, the membership of Baitul Kareem Mosque will be hosting a “community gratitude event” on Thursday evening, offering light refreshments as a gesture of appreciation to any interested in attending.

Nomaan Mubashir is the local president of Baitul Kareem Mosque, and said his membership felt the gesture to be “very important” after receiving the support of “neighbours, community members and even other faith leaders” – as he said that the “outpouring” that was received was well beyond anything that could have been expected. While Mubashir said that the mosque’s membership was initially shocked to see the thousands of dollars in damage that had been inflicted on the mosque, he said it wasn’t long before visitors began stopping by to help.

“I think out of that we had a dialogue among members – we had our mosque committee meeting when we discussed (…) how can we say thank you to our fellow Canadians who have reached out?” said Mubashir. “It has been a conversation among our youth association, among the general members of the mosque, our women’s association (…) we decided we could hold this event just to say thank you to out fellow Canadians.”

Noting his own gratitude for the positive support, Mubashir said that the Ahmadiyya Muslim community stands with Canadians in times of difficulty as well, noting that “as Muslims who believe in the messiah,” the mosques of the community across Canada are welcome to everyone.

“Our motto is love for all and hatred for none.” said Mubashir.

The informal gathering will be held on the front lawn of the mosque, located at 5 Elliot Street in Cambridge, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday evening. According to Mubashir, visitors are welcome to come for however long they’d like, as he said that anyone interested in seeing the inside of the place of worship will be provided a mosque tour.

source Baitul Kareem Mosque to host ‘community gratitude event’ on Thursday – Kitchener News (

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