‘Secularism in the constitution of B’desh never conflicts Islam’


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Source: MSN

Dhaka, July 4 (IANS) Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said “secularism in the constitution of Bangladesh never conflicts Islam… and it would be better to not say such things in the Parliament”, in reply to Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) lawmaker Harunur Rashid who claimed “there is no mention of secularism in the Quran… it conflicts Islam”.

Responding to this, Hasina said: “Of course, there is a clear direction on secularism. In the Quran – ‘La’kum Dinukum Waliyadin’ means everybody has the right to follow their own belief and religion and s/he will follow his religion.”

Hasina made the remarks on Saturday during her concluding speech of the 13th session and the budget session of the parliament.

PM of Bangladesh. Suggested reading: In Defense of the Secular Narrative of the Holy Quran

Before the concluding remarks of the Prime Minister, Rashid criticised the existence of secularism in the constitution of Bangladesh by claiming there was no mention of secularism in the Quran.

The BNP lawmaker also said that keeping secularism in the constitution is conflicting for the Muslim majority country.

Referring to his statement, Hasina said: “The honourable member of the Parliament has said that there is no mention of secularism in the Quran. I would like to mention here, obviously, something mentioned in the Quran, to respect other religions. Whereas, the Prophet said to be respectful and patient towards others, who are from different cultures and religions. The Prophet taught this. We have been told in the Quran that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam gives dignity to all religions.”

“He will express his opinion. It really comes down to secularism. No matter how much he (MP Harunur Rashid) denies, the way he explains. That is the reality. It has been going on for ages,” she said.

Source: ‘Secularism in the constitution of B’desh never conflicts Islam’ (msn.com)

Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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  1. Prime minister Hasina is representing true Islam while Harunur Rashid the distorted religion . What Rashid is advocatin for , is the ideology of 90 percent muslims . In those countries where they are in minority , they are very vocal for secularism while in most of the places where in minority , one will find not only ideology but implementation of Mr. Rashid’s confession . Mr. Owaisee is very vocal for secularism on the national ( Indian ) platforms but when ahmaddiyya community wants to organise ” peace conference ” in hydrabad , it is Owaisee’s party which oppose . It is the dilemma of owaisee like people that what they want , is not clear . Muslims residing in europe , america and other non-muslim countries are unable to understand the reasons behind islamophobia and hatred against muslims . Bigot followers are found in every religion . But question is that who are nourishing them . Who are providing them opportunities . Certainly people like mr. Rashid . No infidel goverment has right to govern its people , is the basic concept of the distorted religion .. No infidel has right to live and it is the duty of ” duty of Allah’s soldiers to make them momim , if donot be convinced , they are free to use sword . The muslim is waiting for that Massiha who would give only two options to infidels ; either embrace Islam or beheaded . Muslim mass is eagerly waiting for the day when if a jew takes shelter behind a tree to save his life , the tree would invite the muslims to kill him . There are so many things which muslim literature narrates . It is the result of this literature , emergence of ISIS or alqaida or talibaan is obvious . This is why you will not find a very stiff resistence or remarkable condemn against their heinous crimes by muslim mass . Every muslim is very much eager for the heaven . And muslim literature guides them towards the easiest way .. kill a kafir and get the heaven . I salute the prime minister Hasina for following the true Islam …. that Islam for which revival , God , the Almighty sent hazrat massih moud . The ahmadiyya community is using its all resouces to tell people the true islam . The islam which prohibts the use of any type of presuure when announces ” LA IKRAH FI DDIN ” , The islam which not only accept but respect the differences when says loudly YOUR FAITH IS FOR YOU AND MINE IS FOR ME ( surah kaferoon ) . The Islam which warns people when set a standard THE MURDER OF ONE INNOCENT IS LIKE THE MURDER OF THE ENTIRE HUMANITY . Ahmadiyya community is spreading the message to every corner of the world LOVE FOR ALL ,HATRED FOR NONE and HUMANITY FIRST . The future of the peaceful world and muslims lies on two facts ….. coming out from the distorted religion and acceptance of ahmadiyya idelogies . This is the only solution for those who are facing islamophobia and hatred against muslims and lynching in the name of cow . If hands of prime minister Hasina is not strengthen in this matter which is nothing but that islam which the ahmadiyya community iis trying to establish since its birth , a very very tough and miserable situatios are knocking the door .

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