Niqab ban in Switzerland removes women’s choices

Sat., March 13, 2021

Swiss narrowly back proposal to ban face coverings in public — March 8

We have recently passed International Women’s Day, in celebration of the great many women all around us who help improve our world to great heights. One would imagine that with this awareness of the critical role that women play in society and all their accomplishments, that society would continue to progress further and not trample on the basic human rights of women.

It is shocking that these rights are being suppressed in the beautiful and developed country of Switzerland, in the guise of a niqab ban. As the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, says, “Will a woman wearing or not wearing a veil affect the economy of the country of the world? … Will it affect the moral values of a country or will it lead to a recognition of the Creator? If it does then I will be the first to accept it because Islam teaches that you should be willing to sacrifice something small for the greater good. But no! All these actions are strengthening the foundations of hatred.”

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  1. This can easily be remedied
    Offer the Swiss government lots of money

    They were the bankers to the Nazis
    Declared that they were neutral
    They have a history!:)

    Look to Israel and how Jews treat other religions
    rather than bash Jews and Israel

    See if your Palestinians
    originally from Syria and Egypt
    Not the indigenous people of the land
    Come to your defence

    God forbid they may jeopardize their
    EU money used to pay the families of the martyrs
    to murder Jews

    Israel and Jews can help you
    Stop hating them

  2. God bless her! May Allah and Mohammed (PBUH) grant her all that is not merely good but Excellent!

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