JORDAN: Can Islamists be electable?

May 08,2018 – JORDAN TIMES – Hassan A. Barari The conference on “post-Islamism” organised by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Centre for Strategic Studies last week did enrich our understanding on the changing dynamics of political Islam in general. Scholars, who came from abroad to participate in the conference, offered […]

How Islamic does Brunei want to be?

Source: Asis Times: Though no organized opposition group has ever openly challenged the state’s religious stance, some observers believe the laws aim to placate Islamists who may otherwise be put off by the monarchy’s ostentatious displays of wealth. Some analysts regard Brunei’s adoption of sharia law as a bid to […]

Secular Viewpoints Examined

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth Mirza Tahir Ahmad Part III Secular Viewpoints Examined HE THEORY OF religious development presented by sociologists and their concept of how belief in God developed, is primarily based on their understanding of social psychology. Having observed the general tendency of man in his social behaviour, […]

ISIS Really Wants Power—Not Islam

ISIS Really Wants Power—Not Islam February 18, 2015 by Qasim Rashid Recently The Atlantic published a piece titled, “What ISIS Really Wants.” The lengthy piece makes numerous fallacious claims about ISIS and its relation to Islam and Islamic doctrine. Accordingly, and significantly, it misses the strategy necessary to counter and […]