No regrets, says Dutch anti-Islam leader Wilder

Source: Jakarta Post

Rutte and other parties have vowed to exclude Wilders from any coalition, a move that the Freedom Party chief calls “very undemocratic”. “The more people vote for my party, the more difficult it will be to exclude us,” said Wilders. He was also unrepentant about past actions, including plans for a cartoon competition of the Prophet Mohammed in 2018 that he cancelled after receiving death threats. He was also convicted of collectively insulting Moroccan people at a 2014 rally — though he was later cleared of discrimination. Wilders lives in a safe-house and has been granted 24-hour protection by the Dutch state. “I don’t regret fighting for freedom,” he said. “Of course I take a stand, I am under attack, my country is under attack.” “I fight for every Muslim, I wish that they would choose for freedom and leave Islam.”


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