Punjab Assembly passes resolution against report by UK parliamentarians

Source: Business Recorder

By ; 09 Sep 2020

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly on Tuesday passed a unanimous resolution against a report by parliamentarians from the United Kingdom in favour of Ahmadi community, terming it a conspiracy against Pakistan and Muslims.

The report ‘Suffocation of the faithful’ compiled by some members of the British Parliament has blamed Pakistan for the “exploitation” of Ahmadis and cruelties against them under the state patronage, but it did not include Pakistan’s version.

The resolution moved by PML (Q) MPA Abdullah Yusaf Warriach, former speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Syed Hassan Murtaza, Sami Ullah Khan and Malik Ahmed Khan. The resolution reads: “The All-Party Parliamentary Group has blamed Pakistan for cruelties against Ahmadis under the state patronage and asked the UK government to make financial assistance to Pakistan conditional with acceptance of recommendations of the report.

It also demanded the government of Pakistan to amend laws in favour of Ahmadis and give them permission of preaching in the educational institutions, though Pakistan’s point of view was not included in the report. This House recommends to the federal government and the Foreign Office to get the report withdrawn from the UK Parliament so as the conspiracy against Muslims and the sovereignty of Pakistan could be foiled, and if not rooted out, this conspiracy would not only hurt the emotions of Muslims all over the world but also would cause beginning of a new fitnah in the country.”

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