Ask Islam – Questions regarding Marriage and Divorce. Audio Answers by Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV. as

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In Islam, does the wife have any right over the money of the husband?
Is there any corresponding course Islam prescribes for ladies to chastise a disobedient husband?
Why can’t Muslim women marry more than one husband?
How do you explain marriages that fail even though people see dreams that the marriage will succeed?
Why does Islam permit the marriage of cousins if genetics shows that this practice could be harmful?
Is a Muslim man obligated to seek his first wife’s permission before he can marry another wife?
Why does Islam allow people to intermarry within their extended relations despite modern medical research that show that this practice may be harmful?
Does a woman automatically become divorced if she converts to Islam and her husband remains an atheist?
Does Islam promote arranged marriages?
What is the status of a marriage between an Ahmadi Muslim woman and a non-Ahmadi Muslim man?
Can a government force Muslim men to pay alimony to their divorced wives?
What guidance does Islam provide to a Muslim man who marries a non-Muslim woman?
How should one treat a family member who does not pray or read the Quran?
Is a Ahmadi Muslim permitted to marry a non-Ahmadi Muslim?
Why is the marriage of cousins permitted in Islam if some people consider it a form of incest?

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