The end is near? Why some Latter-day Saints (hey, it’s in their church’s name) and others think it is.

latter day saints

A Latter Day Saints Church. Suggested reading and viewing: Learning about Mormonism from a Ted Talk with a sense of humor

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

By Peggy Fletcher Stack

The world was supposed to end Wednesday, a doomsaying Latter-day Saint couple in Idaho predicted, and usher in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
If you’re reading this, however, you know that the Earth continues to turn, with no sign of the Christian Savior.

And the husband and wife, Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow, are in jail, facing charges related to the deaths of Vallow’s two children.

No matter how discredited the Daybells are, though, there are still hundreds if not thousands of Latter-day Saints — and other believers — who are looking for signs of the prophesied apocalypse and insist it is imminent.

Some, in fact, calculate that the end will come sometime in July or August, based on their interpretation of scriptures.

With the global coronavirus shuttering society, the economic meltdown draining finances and protests filling the streets of so many cities — on top of an extraordinary comet streaming across the sky as well as nerve-rattling earthquakes jolting the ground — it is no wonder these studious souls see signs of the end everywhere.

Even without these extraordinary circumstances, the very name of the Utah-based faith — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — proclaims that these are “latter days.”

And church President Russell M. Nelson, though not giving a date, has referenced the Second Coming more than his immediate predecessors.

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5 replies

  1. Thank G-D for PRETERISM! We don’t espouse this Biblical foolishness! Don K Preston is President of preterist institute of Ardmore Oklahoma. Thanks

  2. One doesn’t have to be a Mormon or any other religion to see that the world is on a downward spiral, and it isn’t too difficult to think that the end of the world might be nigh, much created by humans themselves. We can but hope!

    • That’s what people kept saying through out the ages. My father used to say ‘why spend money on children’s education: the world will end soon’.

  3. Rubbish, I tead “the end of the World was 1033 England lost the battle of Hastings. WE CAN CATCH IT NEXT TIME 2033 !!!!???.

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