Exiled Uighurs call on ICC to investigate Chinese ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang

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Source: The Guardian

Activist group submits evidence to international court accusing Xi Jinping and other Beijing officials of crimes against humanity

By Lily Kuo

A group of Uighurs in exile has submitted evidence to the international criminal court, calling for an investigation into senior Chinese officials, including Xi Jinping, for genocide and crimes against humanity.

The submission made on Monday by lawyers based in London on behalf of two activists groups marks the first time advocates have attempted to use international law against China over allegations of widespread human rights violations in Xinjiang, the far north-western territory of China where Uighur and other minority groups are detained and surveilled en masse.

The filing, submitted on behalf of the “east Turkistan government in exile and the East Turkistan national awakening movement”, claims that Uighurs were unlawfully deported from Tajikistan and Cambodia to Xinjiang where they were subjected to imprisonment, torture as well as forced birth control, sterilisations and marriages among other crimes.

The lawyers argue that because part of these crimes took place in Cambodia and Tajikistan, signatories to the Rome statute that established the ICC, the court has jurisdiction over these cases even though China is not a member of the court.

The argument is based on ICC decisions in 2018 and 2019 that it had jurisdiction to investigate crimes committed against the Rohingya by officials in Myanmar, which is not a party to the court, because some of the alleged violations took place in Bangladesh, a signatory to the court.

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Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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4 replies

  1. How interesting that all these human rights-violating countries like the USA, China, Myanmar, Israel, etc., are and continue to commit crimes against humanity with no sense of any guilt since they are not signatory to the ICC.

    They also, know that since they are not members, they can commit these crimes with impunity and usually get away with it, too.

    How do the people of these countries or the ones who suffer at their hands ever get justice?

  2. Quote—
    How interesting that all these human rights-violating countries like the USA, China, Myanmar, Israel, etc., are and continue to commit crimes against humanity with no sense of any guilt since they are not signatory to the ICC.—-

    International communities cannot apply Human Right to those who reject Human Right and kill innocent people in the name of Islam like: isis, al Qaida, Hamas, Hebullah, Houty Yemen, Iran etc

    And to those who want create Islamic state that discriminate against Jews, Christian and Hindu etc etc

    Those radical Muslim want to kill all INFIDEL in the name of Islam refer to Quran 9:29.

    Do not delete it !

    • As is your habit, you pick on Muslims ONLY and all the other violators of human rights, according to you, are never the perpetrators.

      This is typical of the way your mind works, Somi!

      Please apply JUSTICE to you one-sided thinking..

      If it weren’t for the interference and continued injustices being practiced around the world by various ‘leaders’ many of these supposed groups would have no need to exist. I am not condoning their existence – just giving you a reason for them…

      And your mind and thinking processes seem to shut down as soon as one mentions the USA and Israel, especially. You ALWAYS seem to have an excuse for their continued usurping of human rights and offensive behaviour, which you do not apply when thinking about Muslims. You are TOTALLY UNCHARITABLE in that direction!

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