A Million Muslims Detained in China and Who Speaks for the 1.6 Billion Muslims?


The Great wall of China. What can save the Chinese Muslims is a commitment by all Muslims for secularism in government and stress on human rights and women rights regardless of the faith every where in the world. The Muslim Times has the best collection on all these subjects

China Has Detained Up to a Million Muslims. Here’s What You Need to Know

Source: Bloomberg


China’s efforts to quash what it says is separatism and religious extremism among its ethnic Muslim population have turned the far western region of Xinjiang into one of the world’s most heavily policed areas. Multiple accounts have emerged of secretive “re-education camps” that, according to a United Nations committee’s assessment, have detained tens of thousands to “upwards of 1 million” Uighurs. As its mosques are shuttered and travel across its borders restricted, Xinjiang — once at the intersection of ancient Silk Road trade routes — threatens to become a black hole in President Xi Jinping’s effort to build new ones. The international community is taking note, with U.S. lawmakers calling for sanctions.

1. Who are the Uighurs?

The Uighurs (pronounced WEE-gurs) are a Turkic-speaking Chinese ethnic minority of mostly Sunni Muslims. They comprise some 10 million of the 22 million people who populate Alaska-sized Xinjiang. Uighurs have close ethnic and cultural ties to Central Asia and some refer to Xinjiang as East Turkestan.

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The Muslim Times’ Editorial team finds that the majority of the Muslims every where, are vying for their parochial political and other self interests.  On the other hand our team is constantly reminded of a saying of the prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, that the Muslims are like a body, when one part hurts the whole of the body hurts.

Who Speaks For the 1.6 Billion Muslims?

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  1. Most likely all these efforts of the Chinese government will have the opposite effect: strengthening the will for independence.

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