Clerics Allegedly Vandalise Graves Of Ahmadis In Sheikhupura


Some local clerics have allegedly vandalised the graves of members of Ahmadiyya community in Punjab’s Sheikhupura district.

The official account of Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya community posted the photos of desecrated graves on Twitter, saying: “The Ahmadis residing in Pakistan are not at peace even after their demise. The act of damaging the Gravestones of the Ahmadis in Chak No-79 Nawa Kot, District Sheikhupura by the Local Clerics and the Authorities is indeed condemnable.”

Saleem-ud-Din, the spokesperson of Ahmadiyya community condemned the incident while inquiring, “How long the state apparatus will act as enabler in the hands of extremists? How long our dead will be persecuted in their graves? How long the state & others will turn a blind eye to this?”

In March, the police officials had allegedly desecrated three graves belonging Ahmadis in Punjab’s Chak-2 TDA district in Khushab. The incident took place a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that anyone targeting the country’s minorities would be dealt with strictly.

On the occasion, Saleem-ud-Din took to Twitter and said that three graves of Ahmadis were desecrated by local police at the ‘behest of clerics’ in Khushab. “The Ahmadis are not even safe in their graves in Pakistan,” he added.

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