Laughter Could Be A Good Medicine Against Racism — Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Is Not Done Talking About America’s Racial Problems

Source: Bloomberg


Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show,” was on vacation when he first heard about the death of George Floyd.

Rather than wait the full two weeks for his show to return, Noah jumped online and uploaded an 18-minute video to YouTube, sharing his feelings of sadness, fatigue and optimism with close to 8 million subscribers. “You quickly realize that while everyone is facing the battle against coronavirus, Black people in America are still facing the battle against racism and coronavirus,” said Noah.

Since then, Noah has kept his online and TV performances squarely focused on the biggest civil rights question of the day, routinely interviewing leading Black intellectuals, activists and athletes on “The Daily Show” while probing the nature of America’s failed social contract on race.

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  1. For an outsider – non-American – many of those considered and considering themselves as ‘black’ do not seem very black to me.

    Reminds me of Mohammad Ali. He was stuck in Congo, his fight was postponed. The hosts were trying to keep him happy with a selection of young ladies. He looked at them and said: “may be it does not a little white blood to make black beautiful”. This shocked all of Africa. It was headline news all over the continent. (I was in Nigeria at the time and read the headline there, or was it Ghana?).

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