Merkel and the EU Trapped between China and the U.S.

Source: Spiegel

Chancellor Angela Merkel in Wuhan in September 2019

She wants the summit to take place no matter what. Last Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a video conference with political group leaders from the European Parliament to discuss Germany’s upcoming European Council presidency, which begins in July. For six months, Berlin will be setting the agenda for the European Union, and it has long been clear that Merkel views China as the top foreign policy priority. Indeed, she has planned a large summit in Leipzig from Sept. 13-15, to be attended by heads of state and government from the EU along with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


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  1. The German government has consistently rejected demands from Washington to adopt a more confrontational approach to Beijing because it is simply not in Germany’s national interest. Germany, after all, isn’t just dependent on China as its largest trade partner. Berlin also sees the country as a vital partner when it comes to solving international crises and global problems.
    Above seems to be a logical and rational approach. However European full dependence on China will be a dangerous decision. At least a person like me, is unable to understand why Europe does not become part of world super power and form a trika including US, China and Europe.  This continent has all the resources and potential to become a world superpower.  Probably it lacks the will.  Once Mr Davor Bernardich, leader of Social democrats in Croatia, while discussing the future of Europe, also opined that Europe must reform itself as a super power of the world; and he was also of the opinion that Germany has such potential. Merkel soon will be leaving the political scene but rest assured Germany has the potential to take on the driving seat as the leader of the Europe superpower.  Only bold decision and will power is needed.  Come on Germans do it for the sake of a better world.

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