France and Germany Show the Way Forward in the COVID-19 Crisis

Source: Spiegel

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a video conference on Monday

Four video conferences. That is how many times German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron met without their European Union partners. They spoke English, and each of the conversations lasted for more than an hour. The subject was always the same: Establishing a fund for Europe.There were plenty of details and numbers to discuss, but a much larger issue was at stake: the question of whether a European Union worthy of the name still existed or whether it would disintegrate into its component parts under the weight of the crisis brought on by the coronavirus.Since Monday, it has been clear: The talks between Macron and Merkel were successful and there are now justified hopes that once the corona crisis is over, Europe will emerge stronger and more united than ever before — rather than as a weakened, bickering mess. The plan for a “recovery fund,” which the two leaders presented in a joint video conference at the beginning of the week, is more than just financial support for those European countries hit hardest by the novel coronavirus. It is a grand vision.


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  1. As she did in the refugee crisis, Merkel is using her enormous popularity to lead Germany on a courageous, if not particularly widely supported, path. And one of her goals was likely that of correcting the widespread image of a miserly Germany, of a selfish country that emerges strengthened from all crises, even as the rest of Europe suffers and skimps.
    It confirms Merkel is courageous. For refugee crisis she also proved it and again it will be proved. Unity and working together brings strength. Though Mr Trump has separated his cruise but hopefully German and French leader will be able to fill the vacuum of Western leadership. UK was having one in person of David Cameroon but he left the scene. No hopes from current UK Premier. Leaving apart USA and UK, Germany and France have potential to produce good stature leaders and if both countries agreed to do it together the future looks bright. This financial unity if adopted successfully can pave a good way for future.

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