It’s not just a second wave of the coronavirus we’re facing, but of unemployment too

If employers know that the government’s payroll support will be suddenly cut off at the end of June it’s inevitable that many will be thinking of starting to shed staff now        (video link)

Ben Chu
12 hours ago

The historian AJP Taylor argued that the First World War was caused by railway timetables.

He meant that physical limits on the ability of states to move troops rapidly around the continent in railway carriages meant there was an inexorable logic to the German decision to launch a pre-emptive invasion of France once a spark had fallen into the keg of European geopolitical gunpowder.

Now that may or may not be true. Yet there’s certainly an insight there into the way that bureaucratic or legal timetables can shape real events, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Under UK employment law, if an employer intends to make more than 20 employees redundant it must notify the authorities at least 30 days in advance and consult with the workforce over that period.

The government’s Covid-19 furlough scheme – whereby the government will cover 80 per cent of an individual worker’s wages through this crisis – has been extended to the end of June.

read more here:   and video report

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