Is This Christian Shariah Law for USA?


The Muslim Times is promoting secularism in every country of the world.  Suggested reading: Reading the Quran and the Bible Literally Means Demons and Jinns Will Rule Humans

Half of Americans say Bible should influence U.S. laws, including 28% who favor it over the will of the people

Source: Pew Research Center

The U.S. Constitution does not mention the Bible, God, Jesus or Christianity, and the First Amendment clarifies that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Still, some scholars have argued that the Bible heavily influenced America’s founders. Today, about half of Americans (49%) say the Bible should have at least “some” influence on U.S. laws, including nearly a quarter (23%) who say it should have “a great deal” of influence, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.

All survey respondents who said the Bible should have at least “some” influence on U.S. laws were asked a follow-up question: When the Bible and the will of the people conflict, which should have more influence on U.S. laws? About two-thirds of white evangelical Protestants (68%) and half of black Protestants (50%) say the Bible should take precedence over the will of the people in this area.

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9 replies

  1. What Bible teaching has influenced me as follow:
    1. Love your neighbor as you love your self, or love all people rafardless his religion or race— love your enemy and pray to those who persecute you—

    2. If your enemy hungry give them breads and if they are thirthy give them water to drink— wow.

    3. Love foreigner as you love your self

    These verses that made Christian’s life peaceful, prosperity and happiness—

    If Muslim can apply or perform these verses in dayly activities — I believe that the world will be better off to kive in—

    Unfortunately Al Quran wrote oppositely as follow:
    “ Fight ( kill ) those who do not believe in God and hereafter, Q.9:29.

    This verse that cause conflict in this world.

    What do you think Zia?
    I do not ask Rafiq, becsuse his respond do not base on Al Quran or not base on the truth— just a word game.

    —These verses are not written in Al Quran.

    • Somi: Look at the history of Christian nations. Colonialism. Forced conversions. holocaust. etc.etc.etc. You are comparing the best of Christians with the worst of Muslims. Why not compare the best with the best and the worst with the worst?

  2. From the Bible we have to pick and choose like President Thomas Jefferson did.

    Somi what do you think about the facts that Prof. Bart Ehrman has been bringing out for the last several decades:

    • Thank you Zia f sharing it
      Every one has his own interpretation. That is Ok
      But renember a WIDOM

      We know a good or bad tree from its Fruit.

      Dose Islamic teaching in 21 century give a good fruit to mankind? Ask your self and look at around you.

      • The fruits of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at are usually excellent (but we are all humans, therefore not perfect). The right interpretation of Islam does give the good fruit.

      • The fruit of Ahmadiyyah are mosques and poverty in Islsmic countries—they are ignoring the worldly but focus on spirituality only. Even they teach his followers to follow the Sunnah who was poor, did not leave inheritance of wealth to his children and wives—

        Prophet said: He saw many poor people in Heaven, and many women in Hell.

        So Ahmadiyyah Muslim do not have a goal to be a rich Muslim. That is what I know from its teaching ( books)

        Am I wrong Zia?

  3. What Al Quran influence me as follow.

    1. Justice for all people —regardless his belief, race, age, gender etc erc

    2. Human Right—

    Unfortunately Most Islsmic countries and Islamic scholars ignore these verses—

    That is why God curse Muslim and Islamic countries with conflict and poverty. Very sad indeed

    What do you think Zia? Do I make mistake?

  4. Fruits of all religions are bad. If you look at human history the followers of religions have coopted their religions for their own purposes– power and wealth. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims all are guilty. My question is, “How God has failed so spectacularly?” Or, “Is there really a God?”

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