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Interfaith log Dr. H. Koya, chair

To all our Christian brothers and sisters greetings, Shalom! Peace and Assalamo Alaikum. Happy Easter.

We are with you in this Corona virus lock-down and feel the pangs for not being able to congregate and celebrate together.  May Allah remove our difficulties and return us to normalcy soon.

Crucifixion of Jesus Real

Crucifixion of Jesus (peace of Allah be on him) is significant to us over 20 million Ahmadi Muslims in over 182 countries.

As Allah puts it in the Holy Quran, (unlike what the mainstream Islam thinks) Jesus was put to the cross and an all out effort was made to kill him to prove that he was a layer and impostor. They (enemies of Jesus made a plan, and Allah also made His plan. And Allah always succeeds).

The crucifixion in itself was a most painful punishment that prolonged over a week in which hands and legs of a criminal were nailed to the cross. They died a slow and painful death day and night without food and water.

Notwithstanding the reasons afforded by modern Christianity, Quran one hand confirms the event was real and that Jesus Son of Mary was real person and on the other it refutes the idea that he died on the cross.

Mainstream Islam position conflicting and unreliable

The mainstream Islam thinking is conflicting. Some say it was Jesus but someone else  was crucified. Others say, it was Jesus who was identifiable through is feet (not face, kind of ridiculous).  Give me a break! Let’s get real with the KALAM of Allah, the Word of God.  Either way, Allah saved him, they say, and raised him to heaven right from that point. Jesus now sits in heaven, presumably with God, to return alive in the in the latter days (that is our timeline, the present century).  The whole mainstream Islam version is a fiction and is not supported by Quran.

Regarding this Allah that who persecuted Jesus were misled into thinking they killed Jesus.

Circumstantial evidence, both before and after the fact,  and medical facts prove that 1. Jesus  was crucified -nailed to the cross a few hours before evening s compared to normal week long punishment.

2. Jesus asked for water and he was given medicated water. ( as survival technique)

3. A soldier pierces the side of rib of Jesus. Blood and water “gushed forth.”

4. Storm winds and darkness prevail making it look the evening was upon them.

5. The soldiers take down the bodies.

6. Bones of the two thieves are broken.

7. Bones of Jesus are not broke.

8. Thieves are buried in graves.

9. Jesus is handed over to his close ones.

10. Jesus is kept in a tomb

11. Jesus is visited by a lady and some disciples in the tomb.

12. Three days later the huge stone at the mouth of the tomb is rolled and wide open.

13. Jesus is missing.

14. The Jesus is spotted in the neighborhood.

15. Eventually e leave Palestine.

16. It is rumored he ascended to heaven.

17. Historically, Jesus is recorded to have traveled to the Far East Asia in the region of Kashmir.

18. Jesus had told his followers: ” I have been sent not but onto the LOST SHEEP OF HOUSE OF ISRAEL. – His real mission.

19. Recent history JESUS IN KASHMIR documentary by Indian Government and Jesus in India by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad significant.

Once again, Happy Easter to all with much prayers and love for all.




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