Help the Hungry: New volunteers sign up to help huge emergency food aid operation

‘I had some extra time, and I really wanted to do something useful with it,’ says 30-year-old marketing executive now helping pack parcels going out to vulnerable people

Evening telegraph/ Courier news CR0008751 G Jennings pics, open day and barbecue at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Centre / Bait – Ul – Mahmood Mosque on Dens road Dundee, Adeel Ahmad Malih , Fawad Baloch & Adnan Shahzad prepare the food, saturday 27th April.

Adam Forrest
8 hours ago

Hundreds of tons of surplus food have been delivered to people in desperate need since the coronavirus lockdown began two weeks ago – thanks to volunteers stepping up to make sure a mammoth redistribution drive succeeds.

The Independent’s Help The Hungry campaign supports the work going on across the UK to ensure everyone has enough to eat during the current crisis, backed by figures such as London mayor Sadiq Khan, Labour MP Jess Phillips and TV cook Nigella Lawson.

Many food aid charities have been struggling with a drop in donations and a fall in the number of regular volunteers due to illness or the need to self-isolate. Yet members of the public still able to help are signing up to serve a worthy cause.

Marina Nenadic, 30, is one of a several new recruits at City Harvest in Acton, west London, after the food surplus charity called for more hands to sort through the produce rescued from restaurants, manufacturers and supermarket packing houses.


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