Beautiful message from Bill Gates: What is the Covid-19 Virus Really Teaching us?

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Source: The Muslim Times cannot confirm the authenticity of this post and believes that even if Bill Gates did not say it; he could have or should have!

I’m a strong believer that there is a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens, whether that is what we perceive as being good or being bad.

As I meditate upon this, I want to share with you what I feel the Corona/ Covid-19 virus is really doing to us:

1) It is reminding us that we are all equal, regardless of our culture, religion, occupation, financial situation or how famous we are. This disease treats us all equally, perhaps we should to. If you don’t believe me, just ask Tom Hanks.

2) It is reminding us that we are all connected and something that affects one person has an effect on another. It is reminding us that the false borders that we have put up have little value as this virus does not need a passport. It is reminding us, by oppressing us for a short time, of those in this world whose whole life is spent in oppression.

3) It is reminding us of how precious our health is and how we have moved to neglect it through eating nutrient poor manufactured food and drinking water that is contaminated with chemicals upon chemicals. If we don’t look after our health, we will, of course, get sick.

4) It is reminding us of the shortness of life and of what is most important for us to do, which is to help each other, especially those who are old or sick. Our purpose is not to buy toilet roll.

5) It is reminding us of how materialistic our society has become and how, when in times of difficulty, we remember that it’s the essentials that we need (food, water, medicine)
as opposed to the luxuries that we sometimes unnecessarily give value to.

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6) It is reminding us of how important our family and home life is and how much we have neglected this. It is forcing us back into our houses so we can rebuild them into our home and to strengthen our family unit.

7) It is reminding us that our true work is not our job, that is what we do, not what we were created to do. Our true work is to look after each other, to protect each other and to be of benefit to one another.

8) It is reminding us to keep our egos in check. It is reminding us that no matter how great we think we are or how great others think we are, a virus can bring our world to a standstill.

9) It is reminding us that the power of freewill is in our hands. We can choose to cooperate and help each other, to share, to give, to help and to support each other or we can choose to be selfish, to hoard, to look after only our self. Indeed, it is difficulties that bring out our true colors.

10) It is reminding us that we can be patient, or we can panic. We can either understand that this type of situation has happened many times before in history and will pass, or we can panic and see it as the end of the world and, consequently, cause ourselves more harm than good.

11) It is reminding us that this can either be an end or a new beginning. This can be a time of reflection and understanding, where we learn from our mistakes, or it can be the start of a cycle which will continue until we finally learn the lesson we are meant to.

12) It is reminding us that this Earth is sick. It is reminding us that we need to look at the rate of deforestation just as urgently as we look at the speed at which toilet rolls are disappearing off of shelves. We are sick because our home is sick.

13) It is reminding us that after every difficulty, there is always ease. Life is cyclical, and this is just a phase in this great cycle. We do not need to panic; this too shall pass.

14) Whereas many see the Corona/ Covid-19 virus as a great disaster, I prefer to see it as a *great corrector*

It is sent to remind us of the important lessons that we seem to have forgotten and it is up to us if we will learn them or not.


Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times and in charge of health section

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“We project that roughly 56 percent of our population – 25.5 million people – will be infected with the virus over an eight week period,” Governor Newsom of California wrote on 3/19/2020.

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32 replies

  1. Its a beautiful message but missed the most important point turning to Creator with deepest heatfelt regrets by all humanbeings.

    • no he doesn’t want to talk about the CREATOR coz in his own mine there is already solution of this problem, “a microchip vaccine” and he already talked this thing few years ago i don’t remember the exact year.

      • Yes you are right. Through this control of mind and body will be sought. Lets wait and see if such chip vaccine is coming forward soon.

  2. I strongly believe it is his excellent advice.. he is a strong believer— and good Christian too— that is why God bless him so much— also he is a very generous rich man—from my faith he is the best man— he has created mullions jobs for people, for millions Muslim too around the world—- but most Islamic scholars and Muslim cannot appreciate him, very bad indeed, just because he is not a Muslim ??

    Let us appreciate and grateful to him, may God grant him good health and long life. Amin

    With ❤️

      • I do not agree that Ahmadiyah is expert in religion. Why?

        Because fail to convince people that Ahmadiyyah is a true interpretation of Islam—ahmadiyyah is a cult of MGA—let me ask you Rafiq— how many friend of you have converted to Ahmadiyyah? 1000, 2000, or more since 10 years ago?

        Tell me the truth- do not play a word game.
        Love you Rafiq ❤️

  3. افرین بر شما
    ثروت عقل شعور بجا داده به شما
    an beings are members of a whole
    In creation of one essence and soul
    If one member is afflicted with pain
    Other members uneasy will remain
    If you have no sympathy for human pain
    The name of human you cannot retain

  4. “Everyone is made for Some particular work and desire for that work has been put in every heart “

    • Hi;
      This is an exelent idea and should be considered in our jujments on corona fenomen.
      Thanks a lot.

  5. Anything happens in this world has a message or meaning. Some seem profoundly important to us but all of them are important if we open our eyes, ears, and hearts then we can climb towards the highest level of being. In spite of fearfulness of this virus, I looked at it differently from the beginning from the moment I called it and thoughts about it as THE VIRUS OF AWARENESS. How we were living ,what we have missed, and how we can redirect our paths for righteousness and justice. Ali Rouhfar 71 years old.

  6. Hi no matter where in the world we are, what our race is, what our religion is, it’s important we are human, respect each other’s rights, know each other a lot, help each other, have a good name, stay good,

    Human beings are members of a whole
    In creation of one essence and soul.

    If one member is afflicted with pain
    Other members uneasy will remain.

    If you’ve no sympathy for human pain
    The name of human you cannot retain.

    Tabriz -Iran

  7. We learned the world is connected like a chaine. All business are down because this chaine is disconnected. Now we find out we need each other. Doesn’t matter poor or reach , we are like a chaine. Let’s be kind to each other around the world after this Corona crisis. I hope peace comes back to our world. Let’s get ride of unnecessary wars and bring the peace to our world.

  8. wonderful points from a believer regardless of his wealth and position bowing to greater value i.e GOD
    God also save us from anti human virus such as fundamentalism of horrifying regime in Iran

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