The universe may be conscious, say prominent scientists


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A proto-consciousness field theory could replace the theory of dark matter, one physicist states.

By Philip Perry; 25 June, 2017

What consciousness is and where it emanates from has stymied great minds in societies across the globe since the dawn of speculation. In today’s world, it’s a realm tackled more and more by physicists, cognitive scientists, and neuroscientists. There are a few prevailing theories. The first is materialism. This is the notion that consciousness emanates from matter, in our case, by the firing of neurons inside the brain.

Take the brain out of the equation and consciousness doesn’t exist at all. Traditionally, scientists have been stalwart materialists. But doing so has caused them to slam up against the limitations of materialism. Consider the chasm between relativity and quantum mechanics, or Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, and you quickly start to recognize these incongruities.

The second theory is mind-body dualism. This is perhaps more often recognized in religion or spirituality. Here, consciousness is separate from matter. It is a part of another aspect of the individual, which in religious terms we might call the soul. Then there’s a third option which is gaining ground in some scientific circles, panpsychism. In this view, the entire universe is inhabited by consciousness.

A handful of scientists are starting to warm to this theory, but it’s still a matter of great debate. Truth be told, panpsychism sounds very much like what the Hindus and Buddhists call the Brahman, the tremendous universal Godhead of which we are all a part. In Buddhism for instance, consciousness is the only thing that exists.

Such is the focus of the famous Zen koan, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” One must come to the realization that everything we experience is filtered through and interpreted by our mind. Without it, the universe doesn’t exist at all or at least, not without some sort of consciousness observing it. In some physics circles, the prevailing theory is some kind of proto-consciousness field.

Is consciousness derived from an invisible field that inhabits our universe? Getty Images.

In quantum mechanics, particles don’t have a definite shape or specific location, until they are observed or measured. Is this a form of proto-consciousness at play? According to the late scientist and philosopher, John Archibald Wheeler, it might. He’s famous for coining the term, “black hole.” In his view, every piece of matter contains a bit of consciousness, which it absorbs from this proto-consciousness field.

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Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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  1. Of course the universe is conscious it’s pure consciousness.

    My pencil has consciousness in it when you break it down to just the living matter which makes it up.

    The universe is a mind and all we are is just cells in that mind.

    You are one brain cell, I am another brain cell and we communicate in ways we can grasp which is no different than how cells in our bodies are if we woke up as them within.

    Hence why “Hollywood” and all the shows/movies take place “Inside Hollywood” are the semen meanwhile “Hollywood” is the Lord’s staff, as in workers and literally “The Rod” metaphorically.

    “The northern projection from the south”

    “Thrown Down, Serpent Up, Thorn Down, Rose Up, Throne Above, Seat Below”

    Hence why all the art they create is like a really expensive suit which blends and flows with me like some technicolor dream coat, which is a wonderful gift I am highly appreciative for.

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