Breaking News: Police desecrated 3 tombstones of Ahmadis in Graveyard last night in Chak 2 TDA, District Khushab, Pakistan


‎Riaz Ahmad Rehman‎

Police desecrated 3 tombstone of Ahmadis in a graveyard last night in Chak 2 TDA, District Khushab.

From a day when an Ahmadi child is born in Pakistan to a day he is buried in his grave, not a single day goes by when he doesn’t face the agony & the torture & is made to believe he is wrong kind of human or may be not even a human.

It’s outrageous !

May God protect them all !

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  1. Kashif N Chaudhry
    12 hrs ·

    JUST IN: Last night, Pakistani police desecrated multiple graves belonging to Ahmadi Muslims on behest of extremist clerics in Khushab district. This was not an angry mob, it was the Pakistani police. Just two days ago, PM Imran Khan promised strict action against anyone engaging in religious extremism in Pakistan. Let this be his test. And let this be the test for all Pakistanis who are mad at minority rights violations across the border. #AhmadiApartheid

  2. Interesting how the mob hides behind the police. And the stupid police men let themselves be used in such a way …

  3. my view: the ‘desecretion’ of the grave stones will not hurt the deceased persons, but will gravely hurt the wrongdoers. Feel sorry for them…

  4. Hard to know what they think they have achieved by doing these senseless actions. Must be painful for the families.

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