Breaking News: Ahmadiyya Mosque in Kasur, Pakistan, forcibly taken over by authorities and handed to Sunni mob


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JUST IN: An 84 year old Ahmadiyya Mosque in Kasur, Pakistan, has been forcibly taken over by authorities and handed to a Sunni mob trying to confiscate it for many years. This will be the latest in over 150 Mosques belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community that have been forcibly taken over / sealed or burned down by extremist mobs in presence of Pakistani police. And yet, Pakistan has the audacity to lecture other countries on minority rights and religious freedom. In what other country are mosques taken over by authorities and handed over to an angry mob? #AhmadiApartheid



Dr. Zia H Shah, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

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11 replies

  1. Very sad News!😞

    God’s Wisdom
    What ever bad thing fall into you, it is your false
    But what ever good thing fall into you, it come from God.

    So Ahmadiyyah should look at to your self if there is some thing wrong— but a fool always blame other

    • Hi Somi Tempo

      I do not know your religion, as a Muslim I believe everything comes from GOD Almighty. God just tests the patience of it’s true followers some time.

      Take examples of Prophets and hardships they have faced. Were they doing wrong things? GOD FORBID.

      This incident is reported here not as a complaint or a “FOOL’S BLAME AS PER YOUR COMMENT” to GOD but as a sign of truthfulness of true beleivers that they will be tested with hardships.

      On another note these things specially from so called Muslims of Pakistan are nothing but a catalyst for the growth of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

      I hope this answer helps.

      God bless you.


    • Somehow there is no reply button on your recent comment so replying to first one.

      Always open to constructive discussion but expect it from both sides. Try to convince me first. My email address is challengingmyfaith(@)

      • It is better at TMT forum, so others can learn the different views from us, if you do not mind ?

        I can tell one by one what wrong with Ahmadiyyah faith. Let me know I will be happy to tell you 👍

      • Somi ONLY sees things wrong, he NEVER sees anything positive. Well, almost never. Would it not be nice if you could approach something in a positive way?

  2. unbelievable how they can lecture Israel and the Jews!
    I guess Ahmadiyya in Israel are also brought up to hate Jews as descendants of Mohammed pbuh. Imagine in Israel they are free but in West Bank they are discriminated against. (Arabic: أحمدية في إسرائيل‎) Ahmadiyya is a small community in Israel. The Community was first established in the region in the 1920s, in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine. Israel is the only country in the Middle East, where Ahmadis can openly practice their faith.
    Imagine what 20 million of them can do to ensure peace and non hatred in the world!
    But that is not the case.
    Maybe if they hate Jews and Israel much much more and commit terrorism like Hamas then the Sunnis and Shiites will accept them.
    A crazy world!

    • First of all Ahmadi-Muslims do not hate Jews !!! Go to our Mosque in Kababir near Haifa to talk to the Israeli Arab Ahmadis. They love the country. I am just personally pointing out the injustices. It is my personal thing and has nothing to do with Ahmadis as such. The question that we would start terrorism is just plain silly. As you seem to know we rather suffer than compromise our motto of Love for All and Hatred for None. One day it will prevail. So please refrain from the 'I guess…' You actually seem to know that this is not the case and will never be.

  3. Yes yes yes. It was foolish of me to start that maybe sentence. I have read that
    Ahmadis believe that the coming into existence of the State of Israel is in accord with the prophecies contained in the Bible [2] and the Holy Quran. Inferring from the words in 17:105: ‘…We shall bring you together out of the various peoples’, at the time of the “Promise of the Later Days”;Whatever! Liove in peace with all!
    What Sunnis do to you is unconscionable. Probably similar to what very orthodox Jews – the heredi- think of Reform Jews.
    God Bless you.
    Are you in the USA?
    Is this a USA publication?

    • At the moment I am in Lombok, Indonesia. (just back from swimming in the sea). Our Chief Editor Dr. Zia Shah is in USA. So we can say it is a USA publication. But, well, this is internet and therefore it is a super-national publication I suppose. Interested in my background? Easy: just google ‘Glimpses into the life of a global nomad, part 1 to part 10’ (10 chapters) Please let me know if you manage to go through it !

  4. At some point talk has to translate into action or it is just hot air. I hope Imran Khan will stop blowing hot air and get to work.

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