“Rather Turkish Than Pope”, European Islam Already Exists For Centuries

Cordoba mosque

Cordoba mosque in Spain from the 11th century.  The Muslim Times has the best collection for the Muslim heritage that is the best tool to refute Islamophobia

Source: Muslim Matters

By Omar Sayadi

Changing the factual past in an attempt to gain political authority is one of the paradoxes of modern populism, where the target audience is presented a twisted and fake past as a nostalgic idealistic image. Populist politicians reminisce publicly about the benefits and pleasures of the days of yore, where facts often have to make room for emotions.

This false representations of a national past on a micro-level is internationally recognizable, but it nonetheless becomes increasingly apparent on a macro-level. The modern European continent is such an example, where right-wing populism is rapidly gaining ground and threatens to achieve political successes.

The populist branch within the Flemish Nationalist thought lends itself particularly to such interpretations of the past, and makes severe historical mistakes in an attempt to uphold and protect that history.

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  1. For my father, a devout Protestant Christian (Pentecostal) it would have been much ‘worse’ if I would have converted to the Catholic faith rather than Islam. (bad enough, according to him. but he relaxed a bit when one of his priests said ‘Muslims can enter the lowest heaven if they live a good life’) . Ha ha ha

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