Our Languages: The Best Proof for Guided Evolution



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By Syed Sajid Ahmad and Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Human brains are perhaps the most intricate and powerful computing devices on our planet and communication through languages the most complex behavior known to mankind. For centuries, people have speculated over the origins of human language. What is the world’s oldest spoken language? Have all languages developed from a single source? How did words come to be, in the very beginning? These questions are fascinating, and have provoked experiments and discussion whose history dates back at least three millennia.

The irony is that the quest has been fruitless so far. Each generation asks the same questions, and reaches the same impasse; the absence of any scientific evidence relating to the matter, given the vast, distant time scale involved. We have no direct knowledge of the origins and early development of language, nor is it easy to imagine how such knowledge might ever be obtained. But there is a fair body of indirect evidence that can be brought to bear on this subject.

How only one species among several million did come to have language and how do children so effortlessly learn their mother tongue, a feat that puts the smartest adults to shame? These are certainly two of the most awe inspiring questions facing linguists. Here we propose to address the former. Let us now examine the current theories of language origin.

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