Islamabad bar asks members to declare faith in Finality of Prophethood


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The Islamabad Bar Association (IBA) has directed its members to submit affidavits declaring their faith on the finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the end of the ongoing month, failing which would lead to suspension of their membership from the lawyers’ group.

A notification issued by IBA President Malik Zafar Khokhar and secretary Mirza Nabeel said that in view of the decision taken by the General Body on December 6, 2019, all members of the association have been asked to submit affidavits declaring their faith in the Finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to fulfill the requirement under the bar’s Amended Rules 2019.

Those who fail to do so, it added, would have their membership suspended and names posted on noticeboard.

Khokhar said the purpose of seeking affidavits was not the suspension of non-Muslim lawyers from the association but to identify the members of the Ahmadi community.
He also ruled out the perception that through this notification they were targeting any lawyer from the side of their opponents.

Senior lawyers, however, have strongly reacted to the notification.

“Clearly Jinnah’s Pakistan remains a distant dream! His 11th August speech buried in heaps of paranoia, intolerance and bigotry,” Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, who is a member of the association, tweeted.


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  1. Sir Mohammad Zafrullah Khan (may he rest in peace) told me that Field Marshall Ayub Khan asked him what he should do because the next in line for the post of Chief Justice of Pakistan was a Christian. Zafrullah Khan replied ‘does he know the law’ and Ayub Khan conceded ‘of course he does’. Zafrullah Khan said ‘in that case why not make him Chief Justice’? And Ayub Khan did just that.

  2. Chief Justice Alvin “Bobby” Robert Cornelius (8 May 1903 – 21 December 1991), HPk, was a Pakistani jurist, legal philosopher and judge, serving as the 4th Chief Justice of Pakistan from 1960 until 1968. In addition, he served as Law Minister in the cabinet of Yahya Khan, 1969 – 16 December 1971.

    Cornelius was born in Agra, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh in India, to an Urdu-speaking Anglo-Indian Catholic family. He did his schooling from St. Peter’s College, Agra. Cornelius graduated from Allahabad University in India and Selwyn College at Cambridge in the United Kingdom. He was commissioned into the Indian Civil Service and was the assistant commissioner in the Punjab Province, starting his judicial career in the Lahore High Court in 1943, then later joining the Justice department of the Punjab government. During this time, Cornelius became a recognised jurist, publishing important text books in Pakistani legal history during his career. Cornelius also became a leading activist for the Pakistan Movement.

  3. Strikes me that they’re a bunch of bigots. I wonder how many of them are actually seriously religious. Yes, secularism is the only way.

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