What Christians can learn from Muslims

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There is so much we can learn from Muslims that will enrich our spiritual lives.

What Christians can learn from Muslims. [pewforum]

I disagree. I think we are the ones who limit God by putting Him God in a box. I think He can use anyone, including people of different faiths to teach us stuff.

Having said that, here are some things that Christians can learn from Muslims.

Dedication and faithfulness in prayer
Muslims are known worldwide for keeping their prayer time no matter where they are. Hence, it has become normal to see them open their mats and proceed to pray in public places like the market, airports and so on.

Christians should learn to adopt this attitude when it comes to praying to God, to be unashamed to pray anywhere, to have scheduled times like Muslims do to go to the Heavenly Father in prayer (See James 5:16).

I think this would benefit our prayer lives immensely.

Muslims do not joke when it comes to their fasting periods, it would do us some good to not just learn this attitude but also to learn to fast as often as they do.
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Muslims are encouraged to give to the less fortunate, in fact, it is one of the five pillars of their religion. Fun Fact – The rich ones have to pay Zakat in order to take care of the poor.
I wish more Christians could take almsgiving seriously, not doing out of a sense of duty but a cheerful heart because God has been so great to us.

Let’s not forget Jesus tells us that whatsoever we do we do to the least of us.

Their absolute submission, surrender, and obedience to Allah
Wouldn’t it be great if we were just as dependent on our God? If we put all of our faith, trust in the God we worship? To totally submit and be obedient to our Father in Heaven?

Their modesty
Muslims are the go-tos when it comes to modesty. Their ladies are covered from head to toe and the men are dressed appropriately.
Sadly, Christians are not as good when it comes to this part. We often rely on the ‘God does not care about the outward appearance, He only cares about the heart.’ While this may be true, it does not hurt for us to do better in this department.

Just so you know
I am not a Muslim, I am a proud Christian who is not proud to say that Muslims have a great, admirable way about them when it comes to their faith.
I have a friend who used to stay in the Northern part of Nigeria. He told me that seeing the steadfastness of Muslims pushed him to do better, to pray more, read his bible and basically be a better Christian.

My hope is that we can also be inspired and motivated to improve our spiritual lives.


Inemesit Udodiong

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    Sahih Muslim 4366—“ I will expel the Jews and Christian from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim”

    Fight those People of the Book who do not believe in Allah, nor in the Last Day, 8 and do not take as unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have declared as unlawful, and do not profess the Faith of Truth; (fight them) until they pay jizyah with their own hands while they are subdued. Q. 9:29.

    Sahih Muslim 33—”I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah”

    So, when the sacred months expire, kill the Mushriks wherever you find them, and catch them and besiege them and sit in ambush for them everywhere. Q.9:5

    Prophet Muhammad really hate Jews and Christian So there is no peace in Arab countries.

    With love ❤️

    • Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, did he not even marry a Jewish lady? Make love not war? ha ha ha. no peace in Arab countries, and the Americans are not at fault at all? Are you following the News these days? See where the US has bases and you will see where there is no peace.


    And all married women (are forbidden? unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you. Lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned, so that ye seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock, not debauchery. And those of whom ye seek content (by marrying them), give unto them their portions as a duty. And there is no sin for you in what ye do by mutual agreement after the duty (hath been done). Lo! Allah is ever Knower, Wise. Q4:24
    Abdullah came to perform ‘Umrah, and we came to his residence, and people asked about different things, and then they talked about temporary marriages, then he said: Yes, we have received help from marriages now in the lifetime of the Prophet and during the time of Abu Bakr and Umar.
    Sahih Muslim is valid. # 1405 c

    Christian should not learn from Islam about the tempirary marriage.


    5 Divorces Every Hour In Saudi Arabia
    RIYADH: Divorce in the Kingdom happens at the rate of 127 cases per day, or about five cases every hour.
    This has been revealed in a report by the General Authority of Statistics.
    According to the report, more than 157,000 marriages were recorded in the courts over the past year, while over 46,000 divorce cases were recorded during the same period.

    Christian should not learn from Islam about polygamy. It is very bad for children and women

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