Young Muslims get up early to clean streets after New Year’s celebrations

Editor’s Note: Adding a photo of Indonesian Ahmadiyya Muslim Ladies helping in cleaning their town.

Young Muslims across the UK woke up before dawn today to clean the streets as many Brits stumbled home from a big New Year’s night out. More than 1,500 Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) members held a special prayer before putting on hi-vis jackets and heading out. They collected hundreds of bin bags of rubbish in towns and cities up and down the country, from London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, to Walsall, Manchester and Cardiff. Imam Qamar Ahmed Zafar said the annual clean-up is about instilling ‘lifestyle changes’ in young Muslims. He told ‘Many people will be out on the night of new year’s eve celebrating the start of the new year. ‘As Ahmadi Muslims, our year begins with congregational prayer, we come together and pray for the world, for all those struggling.

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The annual clean-up aims to instil postive lifestyle changes in young Muslims (Picture: AMYA)

There was a big group out this morning in Wimbledon (Picture: AMYA)

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  1. And the same thing happened all over the world. From Basel to Belize, from Zurich to Zambia. From Norway to New Jersey – and not to forget Jakarta, where both young Muslim ladies and young men joined together to clean the town.

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