Trump will come last in the big Mediterranean gas race if Turkey and Russia get their way in Libya

Just like Syria before it, losing Tripoli to the Russians and the Turks will get the US nowhere in terms of maintaining a significant stake over energy supplies into Europe

Ahmed Aboudouh

Colonial units from India, Africa and the Balkans were central to British, French and Ottoman empires respectively until the 20th century. The Ottoman Yayas, for instance, were used as auxiliary units during battles all over the world, and many of them didn’t even have to convert to Islam. They were usually granted vast land estates and generous financial rewards by the Ottoman Sultan in exchange for service in his military.

Now Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkey president, seeks to revive these imperial traits in the Middle East. Ethnic Turkmen Syrian rebel groups that have fought alongside Turkey in northern Syria are expected to be among Turkish troops and naval forces prepared to be sent to Libya to prop up the internationally recognised government in Tripoli.

Never mind that the fighters are Syrians and have no clue about Libya. And never mind that those fighters have nothing to do with what the Libyans are fighting each other for. The soon-to-be-deployed Sham Legion is made up of Islamists with direct links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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  1. They’ll just build more Tesla’s instead….not too concerned about gas.

    I actually hope most of the gas companies tank if you ask me.

    The children breathing fresh air will “tank me” later, maybe even after I am killed for all this but there will be fresh air over my living body or dead body as a martyr none the less. 😂

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