Quebec ad campaign about standing up for individual rights, Premier Pallister says

“This is an issue of whether you’re willing to stand up and defend minority rights, minority freedoms. And we as Manitobans have that reputation and will continue to act on it,” he said.

Source:  CBC News

Premier Brian Pallister is standing by his decision to take out ads targeting Quebecers impacted by Bill 21, a law banning some public sector workers from wearing religious symbols, saying protecting individual rights and freedoms is fundamentally Canadian.

The ads condemning the law are aimed at recruiting people to move to Manitoba, and list 21 reasons to move to the province — including that in Manitoba, “diversity is respected and valued.”

They also promise affordable housing, the Winnipeg Jets, and the freedom to wear what they want.

Pallister said his government did the ad campaign because the province needs more bilingual people in its civil service.

But he also condemns Bill 21, and wanted to send that message to Quebecers.

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  1. Premier Pallister is the only Premier speaking out against this so called Secularism law. The only real purpose of the law is to keep Muslim women from wearing headscarves at work.

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