Ketamine may reduce heavy drinkers’ craving

Source: BBC

A one-off dose of ketamine may help heavy drinkers cut back on alcohol, an experimental trial by University College London suggests.

When the sedative was used to disrupt people’s memories of why they wanted to drink, they drank less and their urge to drink lowered over nine months.

The researchers say ketamine could be a helpful treatment for alcohol and other addictions.

Experts said the findings were worthy of further investigation.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is widely used in the NHS as an anaesthetic, sedative and pain reliever.

It is also commonly used on animals.

Because of its hallucinogenic effects, it is also thought of as a “party drug”.

But it can cause serious harm to the body, and be fatal, if used this way.

Ketamine is classed by the government as a Class-B drug, which means it is illegal to take, carry, make or sell.

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