UK: Members from Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Wolverhampton visit Bishops Wood Village – A Report

By Dr Abdul Salam, External Affair Wolverhampton

On the 24th of November, 2019, members from Wolverhampton Jamat sacrificed their sleep and Sunday to go where not many Jamat members have been, in order to build bridges and uniting faith groups.


Bishops wood village is an extremely small and remote village; in fact it is so small that we have to give a grid reference when mentioning this village: SJ835097 on Grid maps, 52.68259°N 2.2402°W.

So why did they do that?

Islam teaches us to unite people, to love each other regardless to whatever the faith.

Islam teaches us to spread thy wing and venture out, far from our home for a good cause.

Henceforth, a village visit was of paramount importance, to connect with those that are far away.

We hope that a pathway to peace book that was donated helps our communities to establish talks on peace and equality, and helps us unite for the betterment of mankind, God Willing.

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