UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Wolverhampton reaches out to locals

Dr Abdul Salam, External Affair Wolverhampton

Leafleting, this is a sub department within the Tabligh department; Dr Abdul Hakeem sahib helps covers the rota, as well as, taking part in countless hours of leaflet distribution.


Zaid sahib, Hanif sahib and Tauseef sahib

This month, Hakeem sahib initiated the “triple-ing” project which is leafletting from morning till evenings, with a complicated and intricate rota system to insure coverage throughout the day (may God bless him for all his hard work, Aamin).

Jamaat members, including Khuddam & Ansar henceforth used their Saturday for a noble cause. They stood in freezing conditions and helped distribute numerous leaflets with great energy and determination… All for interfaith love and Harmony #Peace

This was an all-Jamaat effort. May Allah bless each and every member for donating their valuable time.


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