Video: Man attacks pregnant Muslim woman in Sydney café

Source: Daily Sabah

A pregnant Muslim woman, who is 38 weeks along, was brutally attacked by a random man at a western Sydney cafe late Wednesday, Australian media reported Thursday.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, 31-year-old Rana Elasmar was with friends, all of whom wear headscarves, in a cafe in Parramatta when Stipe Lozina, 43, allegedly leaned over their table, punched her in the head and stomp on her after she fell to the floor.

A video from security cameras shows Lozina approaching the group, starting a brief conversation and then attacking the woman. He punched Elasmar at least 14 times in the head and then stomped on her twice after she fell.

A man allegedly made a comment about Muslims before punching the woman, the newspaper said.

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