80% of global terror attacks’ victims are Muslims

Muslims continue to suffer from anti-Islamic discourses in the media, which are encouraged by politicians globally, leading them to become the real victims of terror

Source: Daily Sabah

Defying growing perceptions in Western countries over Muslims which are often associated with terrorism and extremism, 80% of terror victims globally are Muslims, the head of a French NGO said Thursday.

 “Muslims are the first to suffer from terrorist attacks. It is important to recall in Europe because it is assumed that the terrorists are Muslims and the victims are non-Muslims. However, this is not true,” Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc, the executive director of the Association Française des Victimes du Terrorisme (the French Association of Victims of Terrorism), said ahead of the 8th International Congress for the Victims of Terrorism, as reported by Anadolu Agency (AA).

People from all over the world whose lives have been affected by terrorism gathered yesterday in the French city of Nice. Many people from the Muslim community were invited to the congress in order to show that Muslims have also suffered from unjust treatment, Saint March said. “The terrorists wanted us to confront each other, [but] we want to rebuild the destroyed bridge,” he also noted, underscoring the importance of establishing dialogue with victims of terror attacks from other religions.

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