Europe, Embrace your Heritage!

In the Volga city of Bolghar, Turks, Slavs and Vikings have mingled with Finnic fur traders and envoys from Samarkand and Armenia since the early Middle Ages

Fearing supposed ethnic replacement and Islamisation, the German Right looks longingly towards Russia. What kind of ahistorical myopia is that?

Source: Zenith by Leo Wigger

A little while ago, I found myself sitting in the lobby of, the distinctly Russian, Hotel Volga. It was there that I chanced upon an article about Germany’s new ultranationalist intelligentsia. They did not strike me as a particularly intelligent bunch. A supposed adherent to this new sect, an aspiring historian under the pseudonym Michael, sounded off about the influx of foreigners into Germany and Islamisation. He feared that European elites wanted to replace the country’s population with Muslims. And that the German people were, unbeknownst to them, threated with cultural annihilation. He concluded by remarking that maybe he should move to Russia, as if to say that the good old Western world was still preserved there.

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