Humanitarian activities by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Wolverhampton – A Report

I don’t know why I have never heard of your community before. You folk are really good people” – Community activist Paul Marcus

Report by Dr Abdul Salam, Outreach coordinator

Poppy Appeal:

Every year members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community pair up with the British Legion in order to sell poppies for the war veterans and their families. They sacrificed their “today” for our “tomorrow,” so it is incumbent upon all UK residents to take time out for a good cause.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Activists with Paul Marcus.png

Dr Hakeem Olabimeji Bakare, is leading the Wolverhampton branch and efficaciously has had a 100% success rate, by the grace of Allah. A well calculated rota system was devised to ensure that the stalls are attended to and never unmanned.

Litter Pick:


By the grace of Allah, on the 2nd of November, a group of Khudam paired up with the locals’ in order to make Briton “Great,” it was a cold, chilly and gloomy day with slight drizzling pouring down on already frozen hands, yet, they marched onto the streets armed with litter picking sticks and a black bin liner.

Two hours of back breaking rubbish collection took place around a local pub and convenient stores, converting a dumping ground into a cleaner waste free society.


Alhumdollilah, among the youth there was a doctor present, Dr Annsar Waraich, who also helped remove a dirty, rusty and used needle of the street which could have potentially pierced the skin of an innocent child if they were to play around with it. I am grateful that we have active members in society who are sparing their free time to do what is right.

“I don’t know why I have never heard of your community before. You folk are really good people” – Community activist: Paul Marcus

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