How Prayers of Imam Ahmnadiyya Muslim Jamaat brought Happiness to a Family

Smiling Face of Boy being visited by Mr Stefan Haerter of Humanity First Germany

Zubair Khalil Kahn

Yll Alihajdaraj is five years old Ahmadi boy from Kosovo who was born with physical weakness thus was unable to walk like a normal child. His father Mr Kushtrim Alihajdaraj wrote letters for prayers to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (May Allah His helper). Prayers of Hazure Anwar (May Allah His helper) started showing improvements in bodily movements of the child. Two years later the boy met Hazure Aqdas (May Allah His helper) along with his father at the eve of Jalsa Salana Germany. Beloved Hazure Aqdas (May Allah His helper) directed AMJ Kososvo and Humanity First Germany to take care of the health of the child.With kind efforts of Humanity First a German Orthopaedic Doctor through consultations made protease for young YII. The prayers of beloved Imam were paving the way and health state of young boy kept on improving. On the eve of Jalsa Salana 2019, the young boy again got the chance to meet with Hazrat Khaliftaul Masih (May Allah His helper). He was honoured not only to have picture with beloved Hazure Aqdas rather beloved Imam took his hand in His hand, prayed and touched His blessed ring with his cheek. Few weeks later with the kind effort of Humanity First a renowned Hospital in Munich Germany, very surprisingly, consented to undertake free of cost the required operation of the boy thus enabling the restoration of left over weaknesses. On 05th of November 2019 the boy was successfully operated and allowed to fly back to Kosovo. The whole scenario is another shining example how the prayers of beloved Khalifatul Masih (May Allah His helper) were accepted by Allah Almighty, the hurdles got automatically removed and sympathies generated in the hearts of even medical experts apparently strange to boy and to Jamaat. Every thing happened with in couple of days including German visa  which otherwise is the biggest problem for Kosovans. Father of the boy is fully convinced that these were just the lovely prayers of beloved Imam which restored happiness in his family. For this success story, the efforts of Moballigh Jinahuddin of Kosovo, Moballigh Behzad of Germany and Stefan Haerter of Humanity first will always be remembered. May Allah grant long healthy life to our beloved Imam (May Allah His helper) and accept the services of all those whole were involved in this humanitarian case. Amin

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