New guidelines published to tackle ‘othering’ of Scotland’s Muslim communities

Source: The Scotsman

Gina Davidson

 Negative headlines have contributed to the “othering” of Muslims in Scotland it was claimed today as new guidelines for media reports on Islam were published.

The guidelines, produced by the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia in conjunction with Newcastle University and the National Union of Journalists, were written with the aim of helping to improve the accuracy of the portrayal of Muslims, as well as to try and increase their representation in Scotland’s media.

It is hoped the document will become a regularly used tool for reporters, editors, broadcasters and other media professionals.

Zara Mohammed of the Muslim Council of Scotland said: “One of the key challenges we’re facing in addressing Islamophobia is the impact and consequence of negative media headlines which have contributed to the othering of the Muslim community and these guidelines can wake up the media to the damage of the headlines, so it’s a key step.”

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