Who The Hell Put The Country of Iran so close to all these US military bases ?


Published by 2ndvtrepublic at May 25, 2019
Publisher’s Note: US comedians are beginning to figure out that when the Pentagon says they want “Full Spectrum Dominance” of the entire Earth and Outer Space, they aren’t kidding. Wonder if the US “news” media ever will clue in? Iran is the next targeted Middle Eastern domino – after Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and several eastern African countries. The US government is not making “mistakes” in the Middle East – they are following the Pentagon / “Deep State” playbook to the letter, and have been for decades, with full BI PARTSIAN support from the DEMS and the REPS in both Congress and the White House. Here’s Jimmy Dore to break it down in his most recent live performance.




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