Parliamentary questions: European Parliament: Ahmadi Muslims kidnapped and tortured in Libya


Subject: VP/HR — Ahmadi Muslims kidnapped and tortured in Libya

Since November 2012, ten members of Libya’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community (six Pakistani citizens and four Libyan citizens) have been kidnapped and then allegedly tortured. An armed jihadi Salafist group called Al-Majalis Al-Askari is reportedly responsible. This seems to have come about after Libya’s most senior Mufti, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ghiryani, President of Darul Ifta-Libya, apparently condemned the Ahmadiyya Muslims as being ‘outside the pale of Islam’. Ahmadis are now reportedly under pressure and intimidation to recant their religious beliefs and inform on the location of other members of their community.

During Gaddafi’s 42-year tyrannical rule, foreign citizens were at risk from indefinite detention and torture. Since the uprising in 2011 which overthrew the regime, the situation has sadly not improved. The lawless climate has encouraged armed extremist militias to grow in power and take the law into their own hands. The majority of foreign citizens are from sub-Saharan countries, often fleeing civil war and extreme poverty, and as they continue to arrive at Libya’s poorly guarded borders, they risk detention and violence.

Will the High Representative raise the issue and seek the immediate release of the ten abducted Ahmadis with the Libyan authorities, through the EU Head of delegation in Tripoli? Will she moreover express concerns about safeguarding the fundamental rights of detained foreigners in Libya, and their alleged lack of access to legal representation and due process?



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