‘Our Country Is Doomed’: Pakistani Ahmadiyya Soldier Shares Discrimination Story Online; Leaves Army With 17 Others


Swarajya Staff
– Aug 20 2019

Pakistan Army Lieutenant Commander Adnan Gulmirza took to Twitter and said that he along with his 17 Ahmadiyya brothers in Pakistan Army was taking an voluntary retirement due to prevalent discrimination against Ahmadiyyas.
“I have decided to take voluntary retirement along with my 17 Ahmadiyya brothers from army. We took part in Kashmir Jihad to prove our allegiance to watan-e-aziz, but on other hand we are facing discrimination on religious ground. This is not what we expected in jinnah’s Pakistan,” he said on Monday (19 August).

Gulmirza also said that more and more were deciding to follow his footsteps. “Following mistreatment of innocent Pashtun population by army,” he said that his “Pathan brother Brigadier Riyaz” also took retirement from the Pakistan Army

Gulmirza further said that while he sent his son Bilal to study in a local Madrassa, the “corrupt politicians of Pakistan and so-called army generals” are sending their children abroad for study on taxpayer’s money.

“This is utterly shameful. Our country has been doomed,” he added.

In later posts, he said that his electricity and water connection was cut by army housing board. “Police have kept my house under surveillance. No news of my younger son Yasir,” he said. He also alleged that ISI was behind his son being missing.

“Military police arrived today at my home in evening. They raided my home, abused me & misbehaved with my wife. Instead of helping us, they forced me take back my resignation.ln return, they will be looking for Yasir,” he said in a tweet.

In another tweet, the former soldier said that he was being punished for speaking the truth. “Many of my countrymen are considering me traitor just for speaking against sectarian discrimination in our armed forces. I haved been called by racial slur such as qadiani, mirzai by senior army official,” he added.

He also announced that his father’s grave was destroyed by radical elements because kalma was written on his grave. He said that his father was a 1965 war veteran. “I lost my faith in humanity,” he added.

He also said that since he was being accused of having fake profile by his fellow Pakistanis he will hold press conference at my residence to show the world what he is going through.

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Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa (Representative image)

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