Princess Haya: champion for women’s rights

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Princess Haya

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Source: France 24

An Olympic horse rider and a trailblazer for women’s rights, Jordanian royal Princess Haya has long championed causes close to her heart including youth and education.

In a highly unusual move, the half-sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah II attended a London court Tuesday where she is locked in a legal battle with her husband the ruler of Dubai.

She applied for a UK forced marriage protection order relating to their children as well as requesting their wardship, in addition to calling for a non-molestation order relating to herself.

The court also heard that her husband Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, has applied to the High Court for the summary return of the children to Dubai.

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3 replies

  1. Princess Haya also champion to promote women do not need to wear hijab in 21 century.

    Hijab show the weakness of women against the man’s rule in Islamic tradition.

    I agree 100 percent women do need to feel sinful if you do not wear hijab.
    Islam is not a religion of digma, Islam is religion of progress.


    • Here we go, again! It would seem that Somi would equate progress of the human race to disrobing the females of homo sapiens!

      How strange, that on one hand we consider our ancestors who went around with little or no clothing as being uncivilized and now after centuries of ‘so-called advancement’, some of us like Somi would have us believe that that ancestors were right after all in going around with little or no clothing especially of women…., for the visual benefit of MEN….?!

  2. There are good example of group of women of Islam who do not wear hijab, they wear the modest dress,.

    These Muslim women have Imam Aga Khan, from Ismaili Islam.

    For me black burqa is not Islamic dress it is Arab women who live in conflict condition and desert, so for safety purpose.
    All ❤️

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