The unsuspected link between monogamy and trust.

New Research: Why Religions Promote Sexual Conservatism

 Source: Psychology Today

Religions provide a common moral compass for their believers. For instance, all faiths promote some version of the Golden Rule as one of their major tenets. Many also enforce dietary restrictions in the form of guidelines about what’s appropriate to eat or not and on what occasions. There may also be regulations about clothing, social interactions, and when to work or rest.

Another universal feature of religions around the world is sexual conservatism. All faiths condemn or at least discourage premarital or extramarital sex, insisting instead that sexual activity is only acceptable within committed and religiously sanctioned unions, most typically between a man and a woman of child-bearing age. The reasoning goes something like this: Sex is about procreation, and so you should only engage in the act if you’re willing to stick around and help your partner raise the children you produce.

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