In a sea of Trump-a-likes, Sadiq Khan is starting to look like our prime minister in waiting

He’s the only one with the guts to stand up to the US president – and to have emerged untarnished from this Brexit mess

Matthew Norman
The Independent Voices

At today’s Downing Street lunch, I read, the pudding will be Eton Mess. Hats off to the No 10 catering manager for the ironic wit. We’ve been dining exclusively on the Eton mess bequeathed us by David Cameron for three years.
If the Tory leadership favourite lands the odds, we’ll be force fed more for a while to come. The entire country is quagmired in an Eton mess. It still isn’t known whether President Donald J Bonespurs, joining us in his official role as Draft Dodger-In-Chief to mark D Day’s 75th anniversary, will anoint Boris Johnson as his chosen successor to Theresa May in person.


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  1. A Muslim PM for the UK? Well, that would be rather ‘unusual’. On the other hand: the task of the next UK PM looks more like a punishment than a reward. If it was for me I would say: You take this turn, I will take the next one.

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