What are demons? The Biblical perspective

By Larry Slawson

Throughout this work, we will examine the reality of demons, according to the Bible. Who are they, and where do these spirits come from? In more recent years, there has been a growing sense of “unbelief” in churches pertaining to the existence of Satan and demon spirits. Many churches today teach that there is no such thing as a “personal” Satan, and that the devil only serves as a representation of evil, personified. A thorough examination of Scripture, however, shows us that Satan and demon spirits (or unclean spirits) not only exist, but thrive across the world today. The basis of this article (and this author’s knowledge) relies exclusively on the Word of God. However, as with any reading or interpretation of the Bible, it is this author’s hope (and belief) that his readers will thoroughly research any of the statements contained in this work; using the Bible as their sole source of inspiration and revelation, and not the words or interpretations presented by one individual.

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