Pakistan’s Ahmadi community faces growing discrimination, report says


Source: Reuters

BY Saad Sayeed

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan’s Ahmadi community faces growing institutionalized discrimination fanned by last year’s election campaign by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the minority movement said in a report issued on Monday.

Ahmadis, a group that originated in British-controlled India in the 19th century who see themselves as an Islamic movement, are regarded as heretical by orthodox Muslims and forbidden from calling themselves Muslims or using Islamic symbols in their religious practices.

They face discrimination and violence over accusations their faith insults Islam and community leaders say legislative moves in 2018 and anti-Ahmadi rhetoric during the elections have entrenched legalized hate.

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  1. Salam to all,
    Ahmadiya Muslims are the only sect in Islam who follow the instructions of peace full Islam because our Allah and our Holy prophet S.A.W said that “Islam will never spread in this universe on the basis of fight and force it’s a peaceful religion and it will spread in the world on the basis of love , care and your good acts” so that Allah bless them.
    I hope and wish that all the Muslims come and join the peaceful umbrella of Ahmadiya Muslims.

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