PBS Video: Slavery in USA; Islam and Christianity

jefferson-memorial-e1381830652232 (2)

Jefferson memorial in Washington DC. Thomas Jefferson was the first US President to be accused of being a Muslim.  The Muslim Times has the best collection to refute racism and Islamophobia

CBS Video: The Duality of President Thomas Jefferson

The Holy Quran and the Seventh Century Arabian Metaphors

Racism, Slavery, History, and Islam

Slavery – An Anathema to Humanity and Islam

Concubines and the Holy Quran

A Sexual Offender from ISIS: Is the Quran to Blame?

BBC Page: Slavery in Islam

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  1. To the right wing fundamentalists in USA who want to deny any Muslim heritage in the building of our great country, this PBS video reminds us that 20% of the slaves brought to our shores were Muslims.

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