Ahmadiyya group promotes understanding of Islam

Ahmadiyya group promotes understanding of Islam

A group from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was recently in Gibraltar distributing 6,000 leaflets promoting a deeper understanding of Islam and its values.

The team comprised of Imams Sabah Ahmedi and Fateh Alam, as well as Kamran Ahmed, Abdul Manan and Hafeez Ahmad, travelled around the Rock promoting the message ‘Islam for Peace’.

They are now travelling around Spain and will hand out 800,000 leaflets in the space of a month.

The aim of the initiative is to promote understanding of Islam and dispel stereotypes about Muslims.

“You can’t fight extremism with violence and nowhere in the holy Qur’an teaches violence or terrorism,” Mr Ahmedi said.

He added: “Islam is a religion of acceptance, tolerance and is a very liberal religion. The Islam we follow is a liberal Islam.”

The men are part of a religious movement founded in the later 19th century that is not recognised by the rest of Islam.

Chronicle Staff


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