Inviting Moody Bible Institute’s Students to the Muslim Times

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Moody Bible School.  The Muslim Times has the best collection for rational understanding of Christianity and the Bible

After ‘challenging times,’ Moody Bible Institute inaugurates new president

CHICAGO (RNS) — Sara Nimori, president of the student government at Moody Bible Institute, said students were shocked and saddened last year to hear that the school’s president had resigned.

J. Paul Nyquist, its former president, had worked to make the evangelical Christian school a welcoming place for a diverse student body.

But his tenure became controversial. In response, the school’s board of trustees decided Nyquist and two other leaders had to go.

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A year later, the school formally installed its new president in the same auditorium where students heard that first announcement — a move that felt bittersweet, Nimori said.

“So much of this journey has just been mourning mixed with joy,” she told the audience gathered for the occasion.

Moody students and faculty, several past presidents and other guests gathered Friday (April 5) at Moody’s downtown Chicago campus as Mark Jobe was installed as the 10th president of the historic institution founded 133 years ago by evangelist D.L. Moody.

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